Soil pH Meter Review – Best Value

Before installing new plants, a Soil PH Meter can help you get the soil pH right for your yard. Soil needs to have the proper degree of acidity or alkalinity to dissolve nutrients and to support beneficial bacteria. Don't waste money on the wrong soil amendments or plants that will not survive in soil with an inhospitable pH.

The Kelway Soil pHD is a handy gardening tool that lets you take pH readings of different areas of your yard. It is easy to use and will last for years when handled with care.

You could collect soil samples and send them to a lab for pH testing. You could use litmus paper and hope you interpret the colors correctly. Or, you can use a direct reading soil tester to get immediate, accurate results.

There are a variety of soil pH meters available. On the low end, there are flimsy, unreliable models for around $5.00. You could also pay more than $400.00 for a high end soil pH meter that is complicated to use. Gardeners need a simple device that is both dependable and affordable.

Kelway Soil pH Meter

Kelway's Soil pHD is a great way to test the acidity of your soil.

Soil pH Meter Review – What’s Good

Using a Soil PH Meter saves time by providing a reading in minutes versus waiting days to get results back from a laboratory.

It is more accurate than using litmus paper. For acidic soils, the Kelway is accurate to within .2 pH.

The Kelway meter has no batteries and does not require chemicals. It uses a tiny flow of electricity (totally safe) through the two metal plates to measure soil pH.

It is durable and when cared for properly can be used for years. Considering the expense of lab testing, the Kelway Soil pHD will pay for itself after testing just a few areas in your yard.

Soil pH Meter Dimensions

The Kelway soil pH meter is about the size of your hand.

Soil pH Meter Review – Concerns

The Kelway Soil pHD is not a full range pH meter. It is a soil acidity meter with a pH range of 3 to 8. This should not be an issue for most, since gardens usually have a problem with excessive acidity. If you are looking for accurate readings in the alkaline range above 7.0, this is not the meter for you.

This product is manufactured in Japan and imported by Kelway. It may appear that the product is not new because the original Japanese language label is replaced by Kelway's label.

The Soil PH Meter does require cleaning after each use. It comes with cleaning pads that are good for at least 20 readings. You can purchase additional pads or use a similar, mild abrasive to keep the probe clean.

Soil ph Tester Scale

Kelway's soil pH meter is accurate for acidic soils.

Soil pH Meter Review – Bottom Line

This Soil PH Meter is a must-have tool for the serious gardener. It is durable and will pay for itself in just a few uses. If you want quick, accurate readings with no muss or fuss, get the Kelway Soil pHD.


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