Soil Moisture Meter Review – Best Product Design

Beautiful, healthy potted plants depend on having the right amount of water. Too much water and you risk root rot. Too little water and your plant could wither or die. The key is to know when to water.

Some people like to test soil wetness by sticking a finger in the dirt. But that method risks damaging tender roots and you end up with a dirty finger. A better way to keep your plants at their best is with an easy-to-use soil moisture sensor.

Until recently, soil humidity monitors either looked like an industrial tool or a child’s toy. User reviews complained that other probes broke easily, were not reliable and needed to be maintained by cleaning probes and replacing batteries. To solve those problems an innovative new product, the Sustee Aquameter was designed in Japan.

Soil Moisture Meter Review – What’s Good

The Sustee Aquameter has received multiple international product design awards. Its appearance is elegant in its simplicity. You can choose from four colors to compliment your potted plant and two sizes to accommodate different sizes of pots. These slim meters are not at all obtrusive.

You can tell at a glance if it is time to water your plant. The sensor gradually fades from blue (after watering) to white as the soil dries and nears a level of 2.3 on the soil moisture retention (pF) curve. The color change is calibrated so the soil dries just enough to encourage roots to develop as they seek water.
The Sustee remains in the pot and requires no maintenance. There are no batteries to replace or metal probes to be sanded. You save the additional expense required by other soil monitors for batteries and sand paper. Eliminating batteries and electronic waste is also good for the environment.

After people have tried a Sustee they often purchase more for additional plants or for their friends. Because plant lovers tend to purchase more than one, Amazon offers discounts when you order several at a time. Scroll down the Sustee listings on Amazon to the Special Offers and Product Promotions section to see the promotional codes.

Soil Moisture Meter Review – Concerns

The water-wicking filament in the Sustee Aquameter has a lifespan of about a year. So there is the expense of replacing them annually. However, if your plant has grown enough to be repotted in a larger container, you may need to purchase a large-size Sustee after a year anyway.

When you first use the Sustee the absorbent filament is very dry. It may seem not to work because it takes so long for the water to be absorbed and the sensor to turn blue. To “prime” your Sustee (the first time you use it) you can put the intake holes in a glass of water until the monitor window turns blue. After watering your plant, place the “primed” Sustee in the soil. It will gradually turn white as the soil dries. The next time you water your plant, the Sustee will be able to absorb the water from the soil and turn blue more quickly.
Some soil moisture meters provide instant readings and can be used to measure water levels for multiple plants. Because the Sustee moisture meter remains in the pot for continuous sensing, you will need to get one for each plant you want to monitor.

Soil Moisture Meter Review – Bottom Line

The Sustee Aquameter is an international award winner for product design. It has been tested by professional growers and validated by repeat buyers. If you want a beautiful and easy way to monitor the soil moisture level of your potted plants, get the Sustee Aquameter.