Hori Hori Garden Knife Review – Best Choice

After using a Hori Hori Garden Knife you will wonder how you ever managed without one. It is like the Swiss Army Knife of garden tools. The name means dig dig in Japanese and it was originally fashioned to dig bonsai specimens from the mountains of Japan. This tool is also known as the Japanese Digging Tool or Japanese Digging Knife.

The Nisaku hori hori is 11.75 inches long with a 7.25-inch stainless steel blade. The thick blade is concave for scooping and extremely sharp.

One side of the blade is serrated for sawing.

The blade also has handy inch and millimeter marks so you can measure soil depth for easy planting.It is made in Japan and comes with a heavy black synthetic leather sheath.

If you spend time metal detecting, you'll find this is also a great tool for digging up treasures.
Japanese hori hori knife by Nisaku/Tomita

The Nisaku hori hori is a must-have gardening tool.

Hori Hori Garden Knife Review – What’s Good

For beginning gardeners, or even experienced gardeners trying to make room in the garden shed, there is no more versatile tool for the money. It is so much more convenient to carry, keep track of and maintain a single Hori Hori Garden Knife instead of several other garden tools.

The pointed blade helps this digging knife pierce sod or hard soil. It can be used as a trowel for scooping out dirt or creating furrows.

With a twist of the wrist, it will cut and lift out weeds. The serrated side can saw through tougher roots or small shrub branches.

It works like a spatula for stirring in additives or mixing potting soil.

The hori hori blade has convenient depth measurements.

Hori Hori Garden Knife Review – Concerns

This Nisaku knife has a partial tang (the part of the blade that extends into the handle) with two rivets. Some knife purists think it should have a full tang. But this is the standard design for hori hori knives and I have not heard any reports of the blade or handle breaking, when used as intended.

You will probably want a sturdier sheath than the one that comes with the knife from the manufacturer. The vinyl sheath cuts easily and the belt loop may be too small to fit around wider tool belts. Click the photo to the right for more information.

The knife is curved by design for digging and weeding. It is not intended to be a pry bar for shifting large rocks or huge roots.

The unpainted wooden handle blends in with the ground, making it difficult to find sometimes. A brightly colored tie through the hanging hole or colorful tape around the handle will make it easier to spot.

The Hori Hori Garden Knife is very sharp. Take care when using and cleaning it to avoid cutting yourself.

Top Grain Leather Sheath for Hori Hori

Top Grain Leather Sheath

Hori Hori Garden Knife Review – Bottom Line

The Nisaku Hori Hori Garden Knife is a must-have tool for gardeners. It is light weight, well balanced and sturdy. Use it in place of an assortment of other tools to weed, cut roots, dig holes for seedlings, cut furrows for seeds, break up soil, cut or deadhead flowers and slice open bags. It will quickly become your favorite gardening tool. There are cheaper garden knives, but the high quality of the Nisaku Japanese steel blade makes this one a favorite of professional landscapers. Give one as a gift to the gardener(s) in your life and look like a genius!