Bahco Pruners Review – Best Value

You'll want to have the best pruning shears to help maintain your garden or xeriscape. Before choosing, the first question is, "Bypass or anvil?"

A bypass pruner uses a scissor-like motion that works well for cutting live, green plants without causing much damage to the stem. An anvil pruner brings the cutting blade down to meet an anvil of steel or hard rubber. The crushing motion of an anvil pruner works better for dead branches and dried-out plants, which could get caught in the blades of a bypass pruner.

Bypass pruners provide a cleaner cut for live plants that would be crushed by an anvil pruner. They also allow you to trim closer to a branch collar without leaving a stub. If you have to choose just one, go with the bypass pruner. If you'd like a pruner for deadheading annuals or trimming dead branches, get an anvil pruner too.

Bahco makes some of the best pruners available. Don’t waste money on pruning shears that are more expensive, but no better quality. Bahco was founded in Sweden over 100 years ago and specializes in making premium hand tools. Now it is part of Snap-on Incorporated and Bahco pruners are made in France.
Bahco's ergonomic angled design reduces fatigue
Take a few minutes to watch this video that explains the ergonomic features of Bahco pruners. They are available in several sizes to fit your hand and in several head sizes to suit your most frequent pruning tasks.

Bahco Pruners Review – What’s Good

Bahco pruners are designed for professionals who make more than 5,000 cuts per day. The ergonomic design and hardened steel heads set them apart from other brands. The heads are made with Swedish steel that holds a very sharp edge.

Because Bahco understands the need for comfort, they make pruners in three sizes to fit different hands and also make a left-handed pruner. Their pruners are designed with roll handles to reduce strain. They are angled so you can hold your arm and hand straight while trimming.

With their Xylan coating , these pruners do not rust as easily as other brands and need sharpening far less often.

You can also get a durable leather sheath to hold your pruner on your belt.

Bahco Pruners Review – Concerns

The design of the locking clasp does not always keep the pruners closed. Because the blades are quite sharp, this can be dangerous. Keeping your pruner in the sheath when not in use, is one way to handle this problem.

On some, when tilting the pruners down the clasp falls closed. This requires you to take them off safety to use.

Bahco Pruners Review – Bottom Line

Bahco pruners are an excellent value that will provide years of comfortable use. They are a must-have gardening tool to keep your xeriscape maintained. If you want the best pruning shears, get this professional quality bypass pruner that keeps its sharp edge.