Adjustable Small Garden Rake Review – Best Choice

When you are down and dirty in your garden and need to rake places where a normal rake won’t fit, this Adjustable Small Garden Rake is the perfect solution. This unusual handheld rake has been manufactured in Japan by the same company for over 30 years, but it is not widely seen in the United States. Recently, MB HANA started importing it for US gardeners.

This narrow rake reaches nicely between and behind plants. If you usually clear around delicate plants with your hands, this tool extends your reach and keeps you from accidentally touching something you would rather not! Unlike other brands of small shrub or fan rakes, the width and length of this hand rake adjust to four sizes for precise control.

fan rake

Great for clearing debris in tight spaces

It's ideal for raking leaves and spreading mulch around small plants and shrubs in your xeriscape. It is easy to take along for use tidying up a campsite, clearing around a grave, or doing some guerrilla gardening. It also makes a pretty good back scratcher!

Adjustable Small Garden Rake Review – What’s Good

The bright orange handle makes it easy to spot, wherever you leave it in the garden.

For select control in tight spaces, you can expand the length and width of the tines quickly with the push of a button. The sliding button locks firmly at each of the four size marks to keep the rake securely in place at your chosen size. Some other expandable rakes make you use both hands to lock it in place with a screwing mechanism.

Adjustable Shrub Rake

Adjusts to the appropriate size

The rake can be used with either hand and it is made of durable ABS plastic so you can use it longer without the fatigue caused by tools having heavier wooden handles.

The stainless steel tines are stronger and more durable than tines made of resin or plastic used by other shrub rakes. The metal tines are flexible, which is a good thing because it avoids damaging a shrub if you happen to rake over it. You can adjust it to the most compact size to make it easy to store or take with you in your garden kit.

Adjustable Small Garden Rake Review – Concerns

This is a handheld rake (sometimes called a shrub or fan rake). It is intended for use while seated or gardening on your knees. You can use it when standing to rake dead blooms, clippings and leaves from hedges. But if you want to rake the ground while on your feet, you will be bending over.

Some people think the plastic handle does not look sturdy. But the rake will take reasonable abuse, as long as you don’t run over it with a lawn mower or bash it with rocks. Plus, it stands up to water and dirt exceptionally well.

Unique design and durable construction

Unique design & construction

Adjustable Small Garden Rake Review – Bottom Line

Listen, they wouldn’t still be making this Adjustable Small Garden Rake after 30 years if it wasn’t a good value. If you want a rake that adjusts to the narrow spaces around your plants at the push of a button, or if you need a compact, lightweight rake that travels well, pick up one of these little rakes from MB HANA.

It makes an excellent gift even if it is a gift for yourself!