Xeriscape Reviews

Soil pH Meter Dimensions

Soil PH Meter

The Kelway Soil pHD is a good value for testing the pH of your soil. In the long run, it is more economical than lab testing. Read the review >
Hori Hori Knife

Hori Hori

The Nikasu Hori Hori will quickly become your favorite gardening tool. Use this versatile digging knife in place of an assortment of other tools. Read the review >
Small Garden Hand Rake

Adjustable Small Garden Rake

MB HANA's Adjustable Hand Rake is a great tool for clearing around shrubs, where a big rake won't fit. This unique, mini rake from Japan is a real standout in the garden. Read the review >
Faucet Lock

Hose Bib Lock

This simple, sturdy hose bib lock will keep others from helping themselves to your water. It can reliably prevent neighbors, workmen, and children from using your unattended outdoor faucets. Read the review >
best pruning shears

Bypass Pruner Review

For maintaining your xeriscape, Bahco pruners are an excellent choice. Their ergonomic design make them a delight to use and their Swedish steel heads keep a sharp edge. Read the review >
Water Timer

Water Timer

The Orbit 3-Outlet Digital Watering Timer is a sturdy, affordable device to help conserve your time, money and water. It provides an easy way to simplify a regular chore. Read the review >