Go from Ugh to Ooh with an Elegant Soil Moisture Sensor

new soil moisture meter

Gardeners with an interest in xeriscaping also care about growing healthy indoor plants with less water.

Until recently you had the choice of using a soil moisture meter or sticking your finger in the dirt to gauge the moisture level.

The finger-test method is a favorite of people who have had a bad experience with existing moisture meters. While it is simple, sticking your finger in the soil has problems too. Besides getting you finger dirty, you may not be able to reach deep enough to feel the soil where roots are seeking water. Feeling with your finger can also break tender roots.

Soil moisture indicators are a bit more elaborate and fall into two main types. With one type you leave the device in place over time to monitor the soil as it dries. With the other type, you take quick readings with a removable device you can use for multiple plants. Product reviews for these types of devices show that often reliability is a problem. Customers have been frustrated by poor quality manufacturing, dead batteries and easily broken probes – not to mention their “ugh-ly” appearance.

soil moisture indicators

To overcome these issues, the Sustee Aquameter was developed with help from professional growers and award-winning product designers. The sleek appearance of the Sustee adds a sophisticated touch to your plants while it continuously senses soil moisture. It does not look like a scientific instrument or a child’s toy. You can choose from four colors to best match your pot or plant: green, brown, pink or white.

potted plant soil moisture probe

The Sustee does not use electricity, so there are no batteries to replace. Because you leave it in place, there is no need to clean or protect sensitive metal probes. After about a year, when it is time to replace your Sustee, there is no electronic waste requiring special handling.

Get one today to try it with your favorite plant. Then get more for all of your potted plants. Be thoughtful and include a Sustee when you give a potted plant as a hostess or housewarming gift.

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