Guide to Killing Your Grass

Kill your lawn on purpose

If you’re just getting started with xeriscaping, the most obvious issue is probably how to get rid of all that grass. Though it’s not the easiest thing in the world, grass removal can be done using chemicals or natural methods. Read on for three different ways of going about it.

Using Chemicals

Some chemical grass killers are designed to kill only grass and will not harm surrounding flowers, fruits, vegetable or shrubs. Others, however, are not as discriminating and will kill surrounding plants.

  • No matter what brand you choose, follow the instructions on the container for preparation and use.
  • Cover up with protective clothing and gloves to prevent spray from getting on your skin.
  • Choose a day that is not windy and no sign of rain.
  • If using a grass killer that will harm all desirable plants, cover them with a plastic drop cloth.
  • Direct the spray nozzle towards the grass that you want to eliminate and pull the trigger.
  • Grass should start to wither within 24 hours.

The Natural Way

You may prefer to kill the grass in a natural way and avoid some of the concerns associated with chemicals. There are both manual and a household formula method that can be used.

The first manual way to kill grass is the weed pulling method. This method will give you quick results.

  • You will need to insert the shovel or spade around the grass and loosen the soil.
  • Follow up with a vigorous raking.
  • After you rake out the grass, you will need to use your fingertips to find any remnants of any remaining roots.

Mulching is another good way to remove the grass. Grass needs sun and water to flourish and this method will “starve“ the grass and its roots. This procedure takes time to achieve the results but is less labor intensive than hand pulling.

  • Cover the area with black plastic, cardboard or several layers of wet newspaper.
  • If using cardboard or paper, cover with straw or bark.
  • Check periodically and pull any grass that has turned brown.

The Homemade Method

Finally, we come to the homemade remedy to kill grass. This method uses common household ingredients: boiling water, vinegar and salt.

  • Choose a day where no rain has been predicted.
  • Combine boiling water, salt and vinegar in equal parts.
  • Immediately saturate the entire area while the solution is very hot.
  • Check area in about two days. If grass has not started to yellow and curl, reapply.

Whether you prefer chemical herbicides or a more natural solution, any of the above methods should achieve the desired results.

Tim Smith writes for Modernize.

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