Adjustable Small Garden Rake

Adjustable Shrub Rake

This small hand rake is an unusual product which you may find useful in your xeriscape garden. It has been manufactured by the same Japanese company for over 30 years, but it is not widely available in the United States. Recently, MB HANA started importing it for US gardeners.

Unlike other small shrub or fan rakes, the width and length adjust to 4 different locking positions. The bright orange handle makes it easy to spot in the garden. The tines are stainless steel and the handle is durable ABS plastic making it lightweight, so you can use it without fatigue.

It's perfect for raking leaves and spreading mulch around small plants and shrubs. It also makes a pretty good back scratcher!

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Xeriscape Bulbs – Fall Maintenance Tips

Bulbs provide a colorful surprise in the xeriscape garden when they bloom in the spring. Many gardeners forget exactly where their bulbs were planted and are delighted to see them appear.

Bulbs are considered drought evaders. Since they store water below ground, they may stay dormant during drought conditions.

Fall is the ideal time for planting your spring-blooming bulbs. When the ground is consistently 50 degrees Fahrenheit and before it freezes, typically from late September through November, it is the time to add bulbs to your xeriscape.

If you don’t already have some favorites in mind, consider the following bulbs that will naturalize and spread:

Allium for Xeriscapes Allium – At his website PlantBuzz, Mark McDonough has extensive information about all kinds of allium varieties. Visit Allium Central for more information.
Crocus for xeriscapes Crocus – Among the first flowers to bloom in the spring, crocus sometimes peek up through the snow. They provide a splash of color in a xeriscape garden.
Daffodils for xeriscapes Daffodils – Available in shades from white to deep yellow, daffodils also last a long time as cut flowers in your favorite vase.
Grape Hyacinth for Xeriscapes Grape Hyacinth – You can purchase grape hyacinth bulbs in a variety of colors at
Asiatic Lilies for Xeriscapes Lilies – Asiatic lilies also come in many colors. Read more about caring for drought tolerant lilies in these lily books at
Tulips for xeriscapes TulipsDarwin Tulips are among the tallest tulips and they make great cut flowers. To encourage naturalization, after the flowers fade in the spring, clip the flower heads. Let the foliage die back naturally to store energy in the bulb for next year.

If you are inspired to add these bulbs to your xeriscape, you may want to pick up a bulb planter to help make the job easier. Choose an area with well drained soil and bury lots of these bulb treasures to be discovered in your xeriscape next spring.

Maintain Your Xeriscape With A Hori Hori

Nisaku Hori Hori Gardening Knife

When planting or maintaining your xeriscape, a hori hori can make you feel like a garden samurai. This multipurpose digging knife works like a trowel, a weeder, a knife, a saw and even a ruler. Why buy, store and maintain an assortment of tools when this one does it all so well? The Nisaku/Tomita hori hori is one of the better quality gardening knives available.

See the details for this stainless steel hori hori.

Some buyers wanted a sturdier leather sheath for their digging knife, instead of the original vinyl sheath provided by the manufacturer. MB HANA custom designed a durable sheath to fit the Nisaku hori hori. It is made of top grain leather that will protect both you and your knife for years.

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