Attract Butterflies To Your Drought Tolerant Garden

Want to attract butterflies to your xeriscape garden? The Asclepias, or Butterfly Plant (also known as Milkweed) is drought tolerant and attracts monarch butterflies. It is also a nectar source for hummingbirds and bees.

Watch this video to learn how to plant a native butterfly plant. It is a great perennial to have in the garden. With over 140 known species, you should be able to find one that grows in your region of the United States.

Who says xeriscapes need to be at ground level?

Use your imagination to create a rooftop xeriscape.

rooftop xeriscape

“Intended to be more than an observable minimalist Zen rock garden, the courtyard was also designed to be a gathering space for family and friends to enjoy the coastal Southern California weather all year. Designed in collaboration with landscape designer Carol McElwee, an outdoor fire pit and Koi pond were added to soften the space and add an element of life.” – Annie Thornton